Pathways to Succeed and Grow in the IP Profession

Aravind Chinchure
Jun 9, 2019 · 2 min read
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India has seen rapid growth in the number of IP professionals in the last decade. It is estimated that there are a few thousand IP professionals in India who are serving in the knowledge process outsourcing industry, government organizations, corporates and legal firms. Employment and growth prospects for professionals and young talents in the field of IP are multifaceted and extremely bright throughout the world. Many IP professionals, however, do not realize the entire scope of this field even after a few years in the profession, and feel that their growth is limited!

QLeap Academy offered a workshop in Pune on March 13, 2019 to understand the full potential and scope of Intellectual Property with recommendations on different paths for building successful IP career and create exponential value to the organization covering following topics.

  • Current trends and updates in the field of IPR
  • Career opportunities available for IP professionals around the world
  • Roadmap to become a global IP expert
  • Pathways for creating 10x value for the organization and internal/external clients
  • Avenues for IP professionals to grow in the biotech, pharmaceutical and medical fields
  • Becoming a savvy technology transfer professional
  • Role of IP professionals in corporate mergers, acquisitions and litigations
  • Role of IP professionals in scouting and evaluating startups for venture capital investment
  • Opportunities for IP professionals to support and work with Startups
  • Courses and accreditations offered in this field around the world that can strengthen your CV and help get better jobs
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Mr. Joy Goswami is the Assistant Director of the Office of Economic Innovation and Partnerships, where he oversees and manages technology transfer activities and corporate partnerships for the University of Delaware offered his deep insights to the participants. Dr. Aravind Chinchure, Founder of QLeap Academy shared his experience and insights on different pathways to grow and succeed in IP profession through his experience spanning 25 years in R&D, intellectual property, technology transfer and licensing, innovation, venture investment, policy, consulting and teaching.

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