Hey Qleekers. We’ve been silent for a few months working hard on new features and making Qleek better for you. We’ve got some exciting news to share and as always a selection of our favorite songs, objects and videos to enjoy and remember this summer!

One of the highlights of this summer was attending the New Port Folk Festival in Rhode Island. We thought we’d share the amazing line up with a Playlist. We also wanted to show you the hidden gems you will love to find in the intimate Tiny Desk series. And last but not least, we share with you our favorite printing service for your summer pictures. Let’s go!

You can play podcasts & live radio with your Qleeks

In addition to being able to play Spotify, Soundcloud and now Deezer playlists, you can program Qleeks with your favorite radio stations and podcasts. Just head to your Qleeks and click “edit” to discover this feature.

Program your Qleeks with a Radio or a Podcast

We’ve designed a new packaging for your Qleeks

All Qleeks now come in a beautiful packaging made of 96% recycled cork. The box allows to store your Qleeks more conveniently and annotate them in case you want to gift them.

The new Qleek packaging

Pick & play your daily news from the New York Times

Among other great podcasts available on Qleek, you can now play your daily news in the simplest possible way. This Qleek is updated five days a week and each episode lasts just about the time of your morning coffee. It’s a great ritual to start your morning informed.

The Daily Qleek