Hello friends. Fall is here and here we are, already missing sunshine and our summer clothes.

Dance | Polygons | Dance

We’ve crafted a great playlist episode of the Fortnight hour to bring back some summer vibes even if it is raining outside. We’ve also discovered the fine wood work of Elisa Strozyk. She developed a technique to make flexible wooden textiles. And to finish on a funny note, the team absolutely loved the dance moves and the music video of Miike Snow’s latest song. Check it out!

What is Qleek for you?

« There’s a hundred ways to play music. Qleek connects me to the music I already like in a different way. It is a different listening experience from my laptop or headphones which leaves me a little bit detached. Qleek is a more engaged and conscientious way of playing the music I love. »

— Sam, a Qleek user

One little trick that we’ve added to the final design of the Qleek player is the ability to hang it on a wall. It was freely inspired from one of Johanna’s all-time favorite objects designed by Naoto Fukasawa.

Hang your Qleek player on a wall

Because Qleeks are magnetic, you will be able to play them straight from your kitchen, living room or office wall. The player becomes thus a beautiful frame for your most beloved playlists.

The team has just finished the pre-production of the cherry wood version of the Qleek player. With a darker tone and a more pronounced grain, you will soon have the choice between two styles of players.

The new cherry wood series of the Qleek player

Both styles fit with different interiors and will be the home of your favorite tunes. Stay tuned, this new series will be available very soon.

We’re happy to show you this new cover series that incarnates your favorite music depending on the various moods of the day.

The new Qleek mood series

Many users have asked for more music-centric designs that match their playlists better. So here it is! If you too have Qleek pack ideas or suggestions, please write us at contact@qleek.me

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