Ismail Salhi
Oct 5, 2017 · 4 min read

Hey Qleekers, today for the biweekly we tell you how to give photo albums as a gift using Qleek, we talk about the return of our favorite podcast and show you how to make Qleeks for your next event.

Heavyweight is a podcast hosted by the talented and funny Jonathan Goldstein. The show tells stories of people who want to fix things they never had a chance to fix. It’s so good, you should stop what you’re doing right now and listen to the pre-episode of season 2. Our second favorite thing is a digital picture frame that hosts your favorite pieces of art. And for the nostalgics among us, Spotify just released a new personalized playlist called “Time Capsule” that plays your most beloved oldies depending on your music profile.

Share YOUR hidden gems with us ! 💎

Send over your favorite objects, podcasts, playlists and movies. And we’ll share them with on this blog. Email us at :

Keepsakes for your photos with Qleek

You can now upload photos to your Qleeks to make a keepsake that will host your most memorable moments (travel pics, wedding album, family photos, etc.). All you need to do is get a Qleek with your favorite design, upload your pictures on the website and there you go. These photos won’t just sit around in your computer anymore and are finally brought up in your daily life. This features already works with the Qleek app and will be available in the next update of your players.

Qleek at your homes

This week for the good looks series, we’ve decided to share with you some of the most beautiful Qleek setups around the globe. Both the designer and the engineer in us are really proud to see Qleek part of your daily habits and also of your household.

We thrive to make Qleek convenient and good looking without taking too much of your time. We’ve also chosen not to embed voice technology or cameras in our device to respect your privacy and to keep your home a warm and private place.

Qleek for your events

If you are an artist, a playlister or a creative mind, you will love the ability to create Qleeks you can sell or give away to your fans, your clients or audience. We’ve built a solution that allows you to create and order Qleeks for any event in minutes. Whether it’s a concert, a conference or even a wedding. All you need to do is to head here to learn more!


The New Mixtape.

Ismail Salhi

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You are the Music you love



The New Mixtape.

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