The Qleek Store

Hello everyone,

This month’s update will focus on the work we have been doing on the software that will run your Qleeks. The first things we want to show you is the online store in which you soon will be able to order your Qleeks.

This is just a first glimpse of the online experience that will allow you to easily get your favorite content on your Qleeks. As described on the video you will be able to get content straight from your Spotify account and customize your Qleek covers with your own pictures. We will post more tutorials soon, and get you to try the website in the upcoming weeks.

The other important work we have been doing under the hood is the firmware development and the player embedded software. These are crucial to provide a great playback experience without too much hassle. We will walk you through the setup of your Qleek players in the next update.

We have also been testing Qleek under harsh conditions to make sure the production is up to our quality standards and that all Qleek components are safe for you and your family to use.

Before we wrap this up! We are happy to introduce you to a new member of the team: Nick, who’s working with Pierre and Ismail on the Qleek online platform. He’s a Tufts Computer Science student who loves programming, building robots, running (and hurdling) and reading. We are glad to have hin on board.

Overall, things are coming together finally and the production is coming pretty soon. We plan to launch the assembly of 10.000 Qleeks in early July and the production of a 1.000 players right afterwards. We hope you guys are as excited as we are.

We will as usual keep you posted about the production in our upcoming update.


The Qleek Team.

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