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PDO Secure future short process overview

Rather than staking funds directly on Compound, yearn.finance, Venus and similar decentralized staking protocols, stake indirectly with PDO Secure Future while retaining an early spot in a winning token with zero missed opportunity cost.

Example screen for PDO.Finance

How it works

  1. Invest funds in a PDO with Secure Future, retaining early adopter APY rewards of the alt token
  2. Funds are sent to third party staking protocols like Curve and Venus
  3. During this time, funds are earning interest while observing the alt token
  4. Final investment in the alt token can take place at any time before the PDO end date
  5. If investment in the alt token is selected, a smart contract finalizes the investment, moving the funds from the Secure Future through the traditional PDO mechanism, sending funds as directed by the project launching the PDO.
  6. Users receive all the early adopter APY rewards plus additional alt tokens based on the current price in the market.
  7. All the funds generated from staking benefit the community, buying the alt token from the pool, then burning.
  8. If the investment is canceled before the due date, early adopter APY in the alt token is forfeited. Instead, users receive a 100% refund of principal funds plus 100% of the generated staking funds.



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Kyle White

Kyle White

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