Kit Burling: Case of the first professional investor Qooore

This article is for those who are under the impression that only very cool professionals belong in the financial market, for those who are afraid of making investing mistakes and don’t know where to begin, and for those who simply want to know what kind of product we’re creating and how our users engage with it. Above all else, we want to make it clear that anyone can earn money with our app, regardless of his or her role, background, or experience.

Normally, in each of our blogs, we discuss the challenges we’ve faced in designing Qooore and steps we’ve taken to meet those challenges and improve our product. Usually, this means giving readers a developer’s perspective on our app. But today, we decided to ask our first professional content creator — who has been with us since the beginning — why he chose Qooore, what trading tips he has for beginners, and how he has been so successful. Our hope is that his advice will help amateur investors overcome their fear of making trading mistakes and build the confidence needed to make the most of Qooore.

I have been in the stock market since 2017 after an initial experience investing in crypto. I started with excitement and joy, made a fortune on the bull crypto market which has quickly transformed into despair after I lost everything. I began thorough study and practice — who are the players, how they act, how the capital flow works, how to spot its entry and exit points. Eventually, technical analysis answered most of my questions.

How I known about Qooore? My friend told me about this app. He explained the app’s concept to me and introduced me to the founders. I liked the idea right away and was even willing to work for free, but I was offered a symbolic salary and agreed to come aboard. This was the start of my journey with Qooore. To be honest, my results were not very good in the first few months. I was even dubbed “worst of the worst,” at one point. This, of course, was frustrating, but I resolved to find out what was holding me back and how I could improve. I quickly learned that in trading there are no accidents in the market; everything is logical and understandable. As a result, my first piece of advice (not just for market participants) is to learn as much as possible, communicate often and honestly with like-minded people, and to accept feedback, even when it’s hard to hear.

My approach focuses on intraday trading, which requires me to understand short-term price directions. I generally focus my attention and trading on NYSE, NASDAQ, and CME, as well as Commodities, Options, and Crypto. For investors who want to get involved in this kind of trading, my advice is to learn by getting involved, and not to waste too much time reading books on the topic. Follow the chart — the chart never lies, and it can teach you to interpret market trends. Welcome to the board!

Another, related piece of advice I have for traders is to never break the rules. Be adaptable; the market is changing, and you must recognize those changes quickly. Also, keep volatility in mind. Do not compare your results to those of others; especially when you’re starting out, your goal should simply be to be better than you were yesterday.

Public statistics, in my opinion, are the coolest feature that Qooore provides! You can see all of the drawbacks at any given moment, work with risk, and understand your mistakes. We do not forecast at Qooore: when we enter a trade, we indicate clear targets — TP and SL. I communicate with my followers so that they can better understand my trading system and learn to make their own decisions. It is critical to learn not from books, but from working with a mentor and through practice.

There’s also a great community here, and I’ve found that it can be a tremendous source of learning and support. There are numerous tutorials and tips available, and people are eager to share what they’ve learned. Learn from them! This will assist you in avoiding obvious errors early on, and it will help you understand the trends and patterns required for real trading expertise.

Another thing I really appreciate about the Qooore app is that users are empowered to engage with the product and community in whatever way best suits them. Users can choose to follow the free insights of amateur traders or buy a general subscription and follow 5-star professional traders. Such ratings are updated on a regular basis; if a content creator creates unfulfilled insights and his score drops, his insights become free.

For the user, these public statistics are also a big plus. You immediately learn to take responsibility upon yourself, and not to shift it onto anyone else. That is, before following any insight, you are forced to independently assess the risks — how often and on what basis a trader makes mistakes, what trading style he uses, and so on. I feel that this helps turn users into independent thinkers and traders, rather than keeping them dependent on others for investment advice.

For this work 1–2 hours a day is enough for me. My process is divided into two parts: idea generation and insight loading. Usually, when I’m looking for trade ideas, I study the closing and opening of key indexes (SPY, QQQ, RTY), closely following 200 to 300 shares and identifying interesting setups. The procedure can take up to an hour.

In my opinion, the uploading of insights is relatively simple. I usually only need 1–2 minutes to publish a single insight.

The Medium already has two articles How to make money publishing insights” and “How to make money trading with Qooore insights” — you can read it to learn more about how to use Qooore for your goals. These blogs provide detailed insights loading algorithms.



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