AI-powered Online Beatboxing Experiment

Yumi Takahashi
Nov 27, 2020 · 3 min read

We launched our experiment project “Neural Beatbox”, a website where an AI model generates beats and rhythms, based on familiar human sounds recorded by a webcam.

What is this Website about?

Neural Beatbox is a website where the AI analyzes voices and claps recorded by the user with a webcam and generates new rhythms. This website allows for collaboration between multiple users online and the AI system; while the AI guides the creative process and makes decisions, the content itself only comes from humans.

How to play?

The way to play is simple, for example, recording sounds with familiar objects such as vocalizations, clapping, playing new instruments, or using pens and cups on the desk. The AI then analyzes them and generates the beats.

Users can add sounds as many times as they like; they can not only experience the new beats as the AI generates them, but also play with their friends online in real-time, by just sharing the link of their session. It also processes video, allowing users to enjoy their expressions while recording. Whether you understand Human Beatbox or not, anyone with a computer can experience it.

What is noteworthy?

This project allows the AI to become a tool for natural expression, trying to make the best out of any human-produced content. Despite the computational process involved, it remains imperfect and produces results that might meet expectations or not, adding a creative element of surprise and novelty. It can be a new communication for the Age of “New Normal” as anyone collectively creates rhythms using their own sounds.

Try and share your beats!
※This service is only available on computers that can be connected to the Internet. Depending on your device or environment, some functions may not work or the screen may not be displayed correctly.

For more information on technical explanations, please visit our project page.

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