5 Major Problems in Retail Shopping

Aug 29, 2017 · 3 min read

Despite the fact that retailers in Singapore are trying to adjust to the new method of how consumers shop, most retail stores may not be reaping the benefits. Whole department stores used to be a place of inspiration and discovery, but that is no longer the case. Here are 5 major problems in shopping retail that we’ve identified and experienced:

#1: We’re not getting much service here.

It’s true that retail stores offer that ‘human connection’ that online shopping could never replace. Sadly, sometimes these interactions may turn sour if it goes the other way. The quality of service is poor and most of the time, retailers aren’t that much interested in customer’s experience. #retailstoreproblems

Image source: https://www.formilla.com/blog/the-real-cost-of-bad-customer-service-and-how-to-avoid-it/.

#2: Returns are too much of a hassle.

To change your mind after a purchase is an issue, but to go through all the hassle of taking the MRT back to that store again, ugh. On top of that, that dread that you’ve already lost the receipt so there would be no hope for any returns is completely unbearable. :( Most online shops offer a free return service and shoppers absolutely love that because they usually have very convenient drop-off points. Here’s a solution for you:

Use Qourier to return your items! :D

#3: It’s simply too crowded out there.

Let’s admit that Singapore is a very LOUD city due to the fact that it is home to 5.6 million Singaporeans! Shopping in malls gets a little overwhelming, especially with all the weekend hustle and bustle. Sometimes, you’d wanna just kick back and order something online from your mobile. ;)

Image source: http://www.talkingevilbean.com/2016/03/food-review-ramen-keisuke-lobster-king.html

#4: Everything looks the same.

Who else can relate to what we feel every time we step in to a mall? Each retail shop sells exactly the same item from the next, so where’s the luxury of diversity in this? :( On the other hand, there is an endless sea of possibilities shopping online! One link leads to the next and before you know it, you’ve bought 10 more items that you don’t even need. Haha!

Image source: http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/1070437

#5: The rise of e-commerce.

Most consumers get inspiration online first, and if an online purchase option is available, they would decide right away to get it delivered to their doorstep. With so many platforms out there that offers online shopping, it’s simple to order a delivery with a click of the button!

Deliver with Qourier to reap all these benefits of shopping from the comfort of your home! Order anything online and use Qourier to deliver it for you. With our mobile and web platform, booking a delivery is made easy.

Qourier, logistics made simple.


Qourier is a local and international logistics service that…


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http://qourier.com Qourier is a local and international logistics service that connects you to thousands of verified Qouriers around you.



Qourier is a local and international logistics service that connects you to thousands of verified Qouriers around you.

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