Food Tour Fridays #7

This week, we ventured further into the depths of the East Singapore (shh, nobody has to know we uber-ed) in search for the famous Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee! This came as a recommendation from our co-founder cum food connoisseur, Mr Elston Yee, who mentioned that he frequents this place, and guarantees its quality! And we definitely weren't disappointed!

A shop with rich history, and a rich broth to boast!

This stall occupies a tiny corner of a shophouse. The seats extend into the small back alley beside shop, something we sanitised Singaporeans don’t see so often anymore. The place was crowded when we arrived, with customers at almost every table. But it was easy to find seats even for a big group of eight. Service here was quick, and we received all our dishes within minutes of ordering. (I guess it helps to only have one item on the menu?)

What we ordered

clockwise from top left: prawn noodles (dry) with pork ribs, large bowl prawn noodles (soup) with pork ribs, prawn noodles soup

As you would expect, we all ordered their prawn mee. They offered a number of variations and one could choose either a dry or soup base, as well as the option of adding pork ribs.

A signboard of their menu. Sorry, the picture is a little blurry. But I can tell you what’s on it: prawn noodles.
Prawn Noodles Soup. Just look at the number of prawns in the bowl!
A closeup of our large bowl with pork ribs!

Prawn Noodle Soup

Most of us opted for the basic one with just prawns and a soup base. It is a little steep at $6 a bowl, but it is well worth it! They give a generous serving of prawns that we enthusiastically gobbled down. It was sweet and cooked to the right firmness. Their broth is hearty and addictive. I ended up sneakily going back for mouthfuls of it even after I had fininshed everything else in my bowl. Their chunky pieces of pork lard another layer to the dish. A decent rating of 7 prawns out of 10!

Prawn Noodle Dry

Their dry version seemed a lot less popular both in the shop, and in online reviews. As I said before, their broth is the real winner! However, reviews from my qolleagues said that their dry version was pretty decent.

Other comments:

It is good lunch option, especially for those who work in the East. Being a mere 5 minutes stroll away from Kallang MRT, it is very accessible for folks who don’t drive. Finding seats for a group our size during normal lunch hours was not a problem too. However, it can get a little warm and humid. We were seated in the back alley section that did not have much ventilation. Luckily for us, it was a cold rainy day and had been showering the whole morning, making the humidity a little less of a problem. There is also a tiny ngoh hiang stall there that we did not manage to try.

Overall Rating

First Class !