Booking Status 2017/04/13

We’ve added a booking information feature on user profile

Users can now view their upcoming restaurant reservations and all their previous reservation history directly from their profile page.

Booking status info on user profile

The goal is to make it easy for users to track their booking activities through Qraved. Hopefully this feature will increase our booking success rates and encourage users to continually use our booking service.

In addition, users can also send invites to their friends on their upcoming bookings and share them the reservation details. So an entire dining-out plan- from surfing restaurants, booking and sharing it with your friends, can be done through Qraved.

Invite your friends!

Your friends will receive invitations in their inbox that look something like this.

Email Invite

Don’t forget to use our booking platform for your next dining-out plans and encourage your friends to use it as well. Don’t forget about the redeemable dining points that you will receive for every reservation made through Qraved.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this release please slack @tania.pranatajaya or @meisha.sasmoyo. Thank you for reading!

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