Google Integration 2017/02/28

“The best place to hide a dead body, is on page 2 of Google Search Results”

― Anonymous

What is Google Integration?

Qraved is now integrated with Google and featured on their Structured Data. In simple terms, we are now displayed on that box placed on the right of Google searches for restaurant reservations and ratings. Basically, Qraved has integrated with Google so that it understands the markup of our pages and able detect our information. By doing this, Google has now considered Qraved information as a review from the web.

Too technical? Let’s just see how it looks

1. As seen in the image below, we are featured under “Reservations” and “Reviews from the web”. Qraved will always be shown for reservations, but not always for reviews. Why?This is is because in order to show on “Reviews from the web”, we have to appear on the first page of search results.


2. On search results where Qraved does not appear on the first page, Zomato, Pergi Kuliner and Facebook often take the spots.


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