A New Hope for Digital Content and its Creators

The boundless universe of creativity is teeming with great ideas that have crashed, run out of fuel, or been sucked into black holes. Some ideas never even make it off the launch pad.

Of course, there are also those that make it all the way to infinity and beyond: the movies, TV series, videogames, ebooks, and audiobooks that blow our minds; the applications that improve our lives in ways that range from sublime to transformative.

The producers who come up with great ideas, and the creatives who bring these ideas to life, know all too well the challenges they must overcome for their projects to succeed in the digital content space. Large overheads, little to no funding, difficulties finding the right talent, disorganized creative teams, limited access to major development companies, and heavy competition are among the showstopping hurdles that independent content producers and creators face every day.

While there are thriving indie scenes in every field of digital content, thanks in part to crowdfunding from supportive consumers and crowdsourcing tools that bring talent to the table, there are still the challenges of pushing content out beyond the crowdfunders and to a wider audience, be it niche or mainstream.

People want great content; even those who aren’t actively seeking it certainly appreciate it.

And even after successful project completion and distribution, content producers and creators face the painful truth that pirates will plunder the fruits of their labor and share them with the world for free.

As they pile on top of each other, these obstacles can crush the creative spirit, and devalue exceptional skills gained through years of hard-earned experience.

Yet in the face of all this, the ideas keep coming, the creators keep creating, and people keep searching for the next big thing. Looking out to the horizon, rapid technological advances hold a new hope that will usher in an exciting new dawn of content creation.

The name of that new hope is Qravity. Follow us and in the coming weeks you will learn how we’re about to make content production and distribution more rewarding for everyone.

You will also get updates about our fast-approaching token sale, which we will launch with a presale that offers 30% bonus QCO — the cryptocurrency that drives the Qravity content ecosystem.

In the meantime, stop by our website and read our white paper. We’re looking forward to you joining us on our journey into continuous creation.