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Qri as Your Personal Data Portal

Share your data files with the world in seconds.

A popular use for Qri is as a personal dataset publishing tool, your own data portal. We’ve made it super easy to share your work with the world. Here’s a simple flow for turning your local .csv files into structured, contextualized datasets discoverable by the world.

Step 1: Take a .csv file (…from anywhere: your desktop, email attachment, wherever), and drag it over the Qri Desktop app. Drop it, and you’ll be prompted to create a new dataset from your file. (2 seconds)

Step 2 (optional): Take some time to add context via the dataset’s components: metadata, readme, structure, etc. (0 — infinite seconds)

Step 3: Hit Publish! This will create a URL for your dataset on Qri Cloud, which you can preview and share with the world. (3 seconds)

Every dataset published (pushed to Qri cloud) gets a URL and

Step 4: Click into your dataset to get a feel for how the metadata, readme files, and body (the contents of the .csv file) come together to give context to the dataset. You can see that this because this dataset was published so quickly (from the demo above), I’ve yet to fill enrich some of those components. Kinda lonely looking…for now.

Good metadata and readme content help would-be users (those discovering your dataset) understand where your dataset came from, how to cite it and perhaps how to build on it in their own work.

We’ve put a lot of work into making this flow (data publishing) as easy as possible to encourage you to contribute to the data commons with just a few clicks. Give it a try with some dummy data by downloading Qri Desktop, and stay tuned for more 15-second demos of new features!



Qri (pronounced “query”) is a distributed version control system for datasets

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Rico Gardaphe

Rico Gardaphe


Head of Business Development for Qri — free and open source dataset versioning software. Former strategy consultant and Obama White House staffer.