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Qri Update — January 2020

Project Progress & News

The News

It’s been a long time since we’ve sent one of these (sorry!), but we hope it’s made your hearts were made only fonder in the meantime.

We’ve been busy at work releasing new versions of Qri Desktop and building Qri Cloud. Here’s a summary of what you can do with Qri today:

Qri Desktop

  • Drag-and-Drop to create a dataset
  • Auto-generate basic column stats
  • Add and edit metadata and readme content
  • View and click-through previous versions (commit history)
  • Publish your datasets to Qri Cloud
  • …and way more

Qri Cloud

  • Search through and discover datasets published by other Qri users
  • Peruse a dataset’s metadata and other components (coming) to understand the context & life of the dataset
  • Clone datasets to your personal collection and build on them

Have a peek at Desktop and Cloud:

What’s coming up

Building off our participation in last year’s School of Data event, the Qri team will be playing an even bigger role during this year’s Open Data Week in New York (details forthcoming!).

If you’re in NYC from February 28th — March 7th this year, make sure you register for one of the many events held around the city in celebration of Open Data Week.

Grokking Qri

Chris wrote an excellent blog post explaining what Qri is and how to use it. In the post he outlines key terms, concepts, and use cases.

This is a great read for anyone getting acquainted with Qri, so please share the article with anyone in your network when the topic of data versioning comes up.


We’ve set up a series of recurring open calls to stay connected to you, share news, surface bugs and UI/UX ideas, answer questions, and learn how we can be more supportive of our communities of Qri users and developers.

We hold these calls weekly on Monday afternoons at 2PM Eastern, alternating focus from using Qri and building Qri. We record and publish the video of the calls on YouTube, so anyone can stay connected even if they can’t attend in person. Check out the links below to RSVP.

Building Qri Calls

Bi-weekly coordinating call on technical projects around building Qri itself. You don’t need to be actively working on Qri, or even a software developer to join.

Using Qri Calls

Bi-weekly call to discuss data projects (yours and others’), share feedback on qri features, and discuss ways to onboard and support prospective data projects.

We’re hiring!

We’re looking to fill some new roles on the Qri team (details at our jobs page). We’ll soon be posting job descriptions for junior and senior software developers (independent contractors preferred).

Please share these job descriptions with your network and let us know if anyone fits the bill.

Research Assistant (full job description)

We’re hiring a research assistant to help us demonstrate what’s possible when we make data a two-way conversation. Core responsibilities include:

  • Creating and publishing interesting datasets and projects onto Qri (we’ll show you how).
  • Promoting your work (writing to tutorials, blogging, posting to social media, recording demo videos, etc. Sky’s the limit.
  • Helping us making Qri better for others by sharing your ideas, flagging bugs, and shaping our product roadmap.

Staying in Touch

That’s all the news fit to print for now. In the short run, you can help our project along by sharing our job postings across your networks.

Thank you so much for your interest and support.

Team Qri



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Rico Gardaphe

Rico Gardaphe


Head of Business Development for Qri — free and open source dataset versioning software. Former strategy consultant and Obama White House staffer.