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We Built This City on Bots & Trolls

Looking into Twitter trends found from data on Bot Sentinel

How Bots are found and scored

The Bots are Booming

Accounts created each day, made with Plotly

Finding Patterns

Autumn: the time for bots

Accounts created each month, 2011–2018, made with Plotly

New Month, New Bot

What about 2016?

Change in growth between 2012–2016 and 2016–2019, made with Plotly


  1. Why is the first of the month a time for new account creation?
  2. Even during non-election years, why is there a surge of new accounts made every day in the Fall?
  3. What happened in 2019 that lead to the increase of accounts we’re seeing now?
  4. Did the COVID-19 pandemic or the end of the primary elections cause a stop of account creation in 2020?



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