QSAC’s Lindsay Maffei-Almodovar
and Gina Feliciano Publish Article in
“Behavior Analysis in Practice”

Cover of the issue of “Behavior Analysis in Practice” featuring the article by Lindsary Maffei-Almodovar and Dr. Gina Feliciano.

In this study, published on August 30th, Lindsay Maffei-Almodovar and Gina Feliciano, with their co-authors Daniel M. Fienup and Peter Sturmey of the Graduate Center and Queens College, explore the effectiveness of using behavioral skills training to teach graph analysis to community-based teachers. The purpose of this study was to use a specific set of instructional procedures to efficiently teach teachers how to view and interpret student graphs. Analyzing student data is an essential component of behavior analytic teaching as it allows teachers to make quick decisions about how to teach their student(s).

The experiment was conducted by Lindsay in partial fulfillment of her doctorate in psychology (behavior analysis training area) degree. Following the intervention, participants increased the percentage of correct data-based decisions and decreased the percentage of errors.

Click here to read the abstract and to review the references used to inform the study and its conclusions. Congratulations, Lindsay and Gina!