ATENEO Lime QualiCal Academy

ARGENTINA discover QualiCal 4.0 & the power of the Digitization

San Juan 2–3 October 2017 / Buenos Aires 4 October 2017

Within the framework of ATENEO #QualiCal LIME ACADEMY, QualiCal Team had the opportunity introduce to a delegation of Argentinian lime producers , the #LIMEglobalbrain and the LIME PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE by QualiCal.

The event has been organized thanks to the help & organization of Regione Lombardia, Unioncamere Lombardia & Promos- Internationalization & Territorial Marketing

ATENEO #QualiCal LIME Academy is QualiCal globally coordinated approach to promote the #LIMEglobalbrain: the worldwide knowledge and experiences between people involved in LIME industry

The ATENEO Session has been focused in particular to explain how QualiCal is fully involved in the topic of the big data collection, all the problematics related their proper aggregation & visualization, with the final purpose to keep the existing plants at the peak of their reliability & efficiency.

Improved efficiency and lower cost that results from more effective process automation are clear measures of success.

QualiCal Performance 6 Reliability Center

QualiCal knows that Lime producers are now looking for partners that can create impact fast as they move through the digital transformation journey.

Trustable & reliable TECHNOLOGICAL & DIGITAL LIME SUPPLIERS will be the ones that can demonstrate that they are focused on value, understand the challenges of digital transformations, have the ability to help fund the journey with early successes, and can accelerate the transformation agenda with integrated, ready-to-use digital solutions.


QualiCal Digital Lime Plant

We strongly feels that all level levels of the LIME Companies shall be involved since this new wave of innovation is fundamentally changing the way we work: there are BARRIERS TO BREAK and OBSTACLES TO OVERCOME, NEW TECHNOLOGIES shall be evaluated updated EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM , NEW COMPANY ORGANIZATION, NEW JOBS shall be created to take full advantage from the digitization potential!

MOSAICO is QualiCal solution that quickly enable new services for corporate user , facilitating the collection of customer information

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