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The true digital transformation in LIME domain

Avoid Digital-Washing: How to Recognize a True Digital Transformation in LIME domain

Digital transformation is a term that has clearly taken its place in the current business lexicon. But what does it really mean? Does it represent a true opportunity? Is it nothing more than a way for consultants and vendors to sell more of their wares?

  • A new customer experience
    Most companies want to deliver an incredible customer experience. A digital transformation involves an extreme makeover of the experience or, more likely, a new experience entirely.
  • A new business model
    Over the last two decades, companies have invested heavily in optimizing their existing business processes, resulting in substantial productivity improvements. In the digital economy, existing business models are subject to rapid displacement, disruption, and, in extreme cases, outright destruction.
  • A new value creation model
    The traditional R&D process attempts to develop and launch products with minimal cost and time to market while meeting perceived customer requirements. In a very real sense, it ignores the interests of all stakeholders except the organization and its customers. Co-creation, on the other hand, focuses on the interests of all stakeholders (suppliers, distributors, employees, the general public) and how they interact with one another. In doing so, the emphasis is to maximize the size of the overall market for the ecosystem at large, not just the share of value captured by the organization.

A true digital transformation in LIME domain

New customer experience?

The Digital Lime Plant combines the world’s most adaptable and reliable lime kiln, hydration plant and classification & grinding unit, with an exceedingly agile digital infrastructure, and leverages a suite of highly innovative, intelligent apps for the cloud and the edge built for the Industrial Internet, and Powered by MOSAICO™.

New business model?

New value creation model?

QualiCal follows all the elements and is the genuine example of true digital transformation in the lime industry.