Calce La Ferla assigned to QualiCal the digital upgrade of their existing lime assets, trough MOSAICO Asset Performance Management.

MOSAICO Operations Optimization solutions will reduce asset failures, increase uptime, and improve production capacity — leading to cost savings and efficiencies for Customer.

Calce La Ferla Lime Kiln

The upgrade has been the occasion to install METRO 3D shaft level indicator in order to improve the lime kiln measurement accurancy of limestone level, and FUOCO the brand new SAFE Gas measuring unit compliant to EU 746.2

The Digital Lime Plant is QualiCal’s vision for the future of lime production.

The Digital Lime Plant combines the world’s most adaptable and reliable lime kiln, hydration plant and classification & grinding unit, with an exceedingly agile digital infrastructure, and leverages a suite of highly innovative, intelligent apps for the cloud and the edge built for the Industrial Internet, and powered by MOSAICO™.

QualiCal Performance and Reliability Center

The Digital Lime Plant represents a dynamic transformation for new and existing lime plants, by seamlessly integrating software intelligence into hardware assets and control systems that enable new economic outcomes and opportunities across the business and operations to maximize the capability of the plant.

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