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Jun 17 · 2 min read

The stategical decision to complete the expansion of QualiCal Business Development with a new skilled and motivated Team focused on new markets is turning into action! QualiCal strongly believe to be ready to reserve its place in the Vietnam market.


The area of Vietnam and Italy are nearly the same but Vietnam has 95 million inhabitants. This country is a member of ASEAN (10 nations South-East Asiatic). Limestone is a big resources of Vietnam and for that reason cement is a strong industry, the capacity of all plants installed in the country is 148 million mt/year, put in order 3th in the world after China and India (read here).
In 2019 production is 90 million tons, in this case some cement factories have the plan to convert investments to lime production and the technology must be changed of course.

Lime industry in Vietnam nowadays is mainly use mechanical kilns and manual continued and discontinued kilns, Lime is consumed in many fields as Steel industry, Chemistry, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Environment … and also being export.

4 years before, the Minister of Construction has planned to modernize the Lime Industry.

A vision for lime industry development to 2030

Demand for lime in 2030 is expected to reach from 9 to 10 million ton, of which:

  • Domestic consumption: 7 million ton;
  • Exportation: 3 million ton.
Carlo Cella — QualICal CEO and Luu Van QualiCal representative

Luu Van Khuong

Mr. Luu Van Khuong is a Mineral Engineer graduated from Politecnico Turin in 1984. He is a freelance and technical commercial consultant representative for Pellegrini Verona, Ehinger Impianti Milan.

In 2008 graduated Master of Ridef in Politecnico Milano, he is interested in renewable energy plants, energy efficiency and WHR (waste heat recovery) from clinker kilns of cement plant to produce energy electricity and reduce pollution in cement plant.

It is believed that Lime plant of Qualical Synthesis® TWIN SHAFT LIME KILN will be the best solution for renewal of lime industry in Vietnam because plant of Qualical meets the technical criteria of government agencies of Vietnam.


the lime industrial company. that’s also a digital company.


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The lime industrial company. That’s also a digital company.



the lime industrial company. that’s also a digital company.

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