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Energy transition in Lime Production: investigating and testing Bio-Mass alternatives

Challenges for the lime sector: Production implications

There is a need to identify the necessary steps to tackle decarbonisation of the lime sector. However, the efforts of the industry are considered not to be enough.

“We are asked to raise the bar of innovation and further contribute to the energy transition pathway.”

Various are the challenges for the lime sector to this respect, notably for carbon leakage, substitution and policy push to privilege products with a more environmentally friendly profile.

  • Energy efficiency targets.
  • Fuel switching: deep electrification with high rates of RES and biomass for heating.
  • Waste heat recovery.

QualiCal and Carbotechnik for energy transiction in lime by using bio-mass for kiln heating

Along with the collaboration of our QualiPOOL Partner Carbotechnik, QualiLAB Services can perform Industrial grade solid fuel test, analysis & evaluation at Carbotechnik Research Facilities:

  • Preliminary data sheet examination
  • Chemical analysis
  • Swelling index
  • sieve analyses
  • fluidification tests & handling / transport behaviour

Carbotechnick Pilot Plant

Carbotechnik dosing systems for fluidising, dosing and pneumatic conveying

The Carbotechnik dosing system is designed for the continuous dosing and conveying of pulverised fuels and bulk materials, such as coal dust, limestone dust, wood dust, kaolin dust, bio dusts and other pulverised materials in combustion and processing systems. The amount of dust to be delivered is continuously adjustable to a very high level of precision and is conveyed pneumatically by a carrying air flow.

The technology makes it possible to deliver a uniform, constant supply of special fuels in compliance with the most current safety and firing technology requirements, and to generate a low-pulsation combustion process.

Discover QualiLAB facilities

QualiLAB brings together a global network of QualiPOOL partners’ laboratories and is designed and supervised by QualiCal’s Corporate R&D department.

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and accessories that allow testing for a wide variety of materials: limestone, lime and fuels.
The equipment for experimental purposes guarantees a faithful simulation of industrial processes. Test procedures follow the logic of real applications under original operating conditions.

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