QBO hydrated lime reactor

NANO technologies for a sustainable lime daily production

Apr 12 · 2 min read

The way we produce #lime is changing. But the fourth industrial revolution is not just about how new lime production technologies, such as the use of alternative fuels or CO2 capture, will benefit businesses and consumers. It is also about how the lime industry can lead to a cleaner, more sustainable world.

It is foolish to deny that the planet is rapidly approaching the day when the consequences of climate change will be inevitable. The question now facing many business leaders is whether — and how — we can produce lime while mitigating our impact on the natural world, while building value for our customers.Carlo Cella - QualiCal CEO

QualiCal #neverstopINNOVATING Team investigated innovative technologies for the production of hydrated lime:

  • producing a wider spectrum of hydrated lime with respect of fineness and high surface area
  • proposing a sustainable and effective lime production experience through the support of digital trasformation, optimizing the usage of raw material having different reactivity, minimizing the water and energy consumption and waste emissions.
  • reducing capex investments

That’s QBO hydrated lime reactor for a sustainable lime daily production

QBO is a revolutionary reactor designed to create networks of small, interconnected production facilities capable of creating, guaranteeing and disseminating an effective and more sustainable distributed nano-production network also in the lime industry.

A pool of local production facilities, that are re-creating regional economies where, offer & demand are interconnected through the power of information technologies.

NANO-lime technology for a sustainable development Agenda 2030

With a low economic and financial investment NANO lime technology will allows a sustainable lime daily production

  • Producing what is necessary within the limits of the availability of local raw material
  • Producing only what is necessary for local production
  • Ensuring access to the investment by micro-investors/end users also from rural or disadvantaged areas.

© QualiCal 2021 — QBO hydrated lime reactor is a patent pending product developed with ❤ by QualiCal


the lime industrial company. that’s also a digital company.

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