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QualiCal State-of-the-art lime production experience by Synthesis PFR lime kiln

It is precisely the elements of innovation that have set QualiCal apart from the Competition since the original Synthesis kiln design.

#neverstopINNOVATING R&D Corporate vision

Since 1996 QualiCal has been working in the LIME MARKET.

QualiCal identified the PFR, Parallel Flow Regenerative technology, as the best for the CALCINATION in vertical lime kilns and for this reason we implemented this technology in the very original design of the Synthesis® TWIN SHAFT LIME KILN.

Synthesis references in operation

Actually Synthesis® Kilns are worldwide in operation from the smallest Synthesis®_40 with a capacity from 100tpd to the biggest Synthesis®_145 with a capacity till 800tpd: n.8 of these kilns are in operation in Germany and others n.2 in rest of Europe: all operating with full satisfaction from Customers.

In this short video a quick overview of these realizations in Europe: all of them have always been oriented not only to pursue the highest technical standards, but also to a sustainable lime production experience and in line with the SDGs

Synthesis Plus Points and latest features

All the results we obtained has been achieved in the direction of the allowing QualiCal to secure active LIME KILN PROJECTS in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America.

QualiCal® is proposing Synthesis® as an original design, and represents the state-of-the art solution in the vertical parallel flow lime kiln (PFR)

“It is precisely the elements of innovation that have set us apart from the Competition since the original design”

Optimized and Reduced CAPEX

The design— instead of the round shape of traditional kilns with its own consequent critical solution with regards the connection channel — makes after nearly 20 years of continuous operation.

This is because the effective of both the furnace shafts

and its consequently

Minimized OPEX

  • by the use of the latest generation of with a reduction in energy consumption of up to 25% with a net benefit (even in light of rising energy costs) of more than €2,500,000 over the life of the kiln
  • by the , which guarantees a net saving of more than €2,000,000 over the life of the furnace, without in any way precluding its proper operation;

Optimized operating efficiency (OEE)

By the use of numerous other expedients to reduce routine maintenance costs and

This is by ensuring the highest standards in terms of , noise and dustiness, quality and absolute quality control of the final product, thanks to the most advanced fine material management system

  • either at the load through the patented
  • and through the simple and effective discharge system with 6 quality control points in each vat

The twin transition: Energy efficiency and Digital transition

No less important-and in line with the EU’s PNRR guidelines-implementations in the direction of , , (A.I) and Machine Learning are also important.

  • by reaching with improved Synthesis lime kiln firing system equipped with new
  • thanks to the realization of the patent for the from both the furnace and hydration systems

Natural Carbon Offset

All what above coupled with solution to fully compensated CO2 kiln emission.

Safety first

Last but not least, QualiCal also addressed the total control of all operations such as — among others — the pursuit of

This was followed by the admission and recognition of QualiCal to the project sponsored by the International Lime Association

Created with passion ❤️ by QualiCal 2022



the lime industrial company. that’s also a digital company.

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The lime industrial company. That’s also a digital company.