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QualiCUBE hystory of Compact Modular Hydration Plants

In QualiCal we are proud to be a Team of people that, 20years ago, promoted QualiCUBE MODULAR solutions, marking a MILESTONE in the design of compact plug & play solutions for hydration plants!

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20 years ago (2000), walking in Kalk Fabrik Netstal (KFN)(Switzerland) — where QualiCal’s first turnkey hydration plant had just been put into operation — QualiCal #NEVERSTOPINNOVATING attidute was already working in background to think about a new step forward.

At that time “Investigation of standard slaking plants offered on the market had shown that no builder” more than QualiCal, “had specific experience in slaking highly reactive quicklime and could offer a suitable plant without reservations.” said Mr. Marti CEO of KFN

Since that first application, one of the competitive advantages of QualiCal solution was the compact layout guaranteed from 2 different technical and tecnological idea by QualiCal fouder Mr. Gian Mario Cella:

1The patented QualiCal SPYDRO moisturizer, with integrated side bag filter, has allowed a very compact hydrating machine, protecting also the filter bags against the risk of burns.

2QualiCal SUSep air classifier, fed from the bottom, avoids additional bucket elevators between hydrator and classification circuits.

These two key features guaranteed an overall hydration plant that was 1/3 of traditional hydration plant!

“The overall design and the units selected alleviated the problem: compared with the proposed solution, conventional slaking plants require up to 30% more floor area and are 60 percent higher; consequently, the space needed for a plant with the same capacity would be twice as high.”

QualiCal hydrating plant is a compact slaking plant of advantageous dimensions making it suitable for installation in confined locations. Its design features are novel as regards the slaking plant with dedusting on the side as well as hydrate preparation where air conveying replaces a bucket conveyor.” — Mr. Heinz Marti — KFN CEO — EULA Conference Munich 2000

All what above in addition to the suitability of QualiCal hydrator to handle and produce the highest fine hydrated lime rate also in case of usage of high reactive quicklime coming from PRF-twin shaft veritical kilns.


Despite the succesfully results achieved from this QualiCal solution, the project execution was very hard both for Customer and QualiCal Team:

“The construction work was delayed by the heavy snowfalls and a cold Swiss winter that year” said Mr. Marti — KFN CEO — “and erection was strongly affected from heavy witner condition”

Consequently, starting from these experience, #NEVERSTOPINNOVATING QualiCal attitude moved our engineering efforts towards a more compact solution, that could had been aslo fully mechanically and electrically pre-assembled in QualiCal workshop and ready to be installed.

In 2001 QualiCal realized and succesfully commissioned by NUTARELLI Company a first protoptype of the so called QualiCUBE_1 classification module.

QualiCUBE Modular Solution

Road was signed! QualiCal developed an unique and original design, providing a full series of plug & play compact QualiCUBE modular solutions for quicklime hydration, hydrated lime classification and grinding and lime sizing.

The success of this ideas allowed QualiCal to secure more than 50 QualiCUBE Modules orders — with a capacity from 5tph to 30tph, in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America.


QualiCal is a mirror of the people who work there: all of us have always been and will always be moved by the sole desire to grow by promoting and trying to realize ideas in which we believe.

In QualiCal I’m proud promoting #NEVERSTOPINNOVATION R&D vision, inspiring the whole players of the lime domain! - Carlo Cella QualiCal CEO

As a company, as people, as suppliers of technical and technological solutions, we have always had the good fortune and the freedom to work thinking that our role was dictated more by the responsibility to promote progress and innovation, than reach economical benefits!

© QualiCal 2020


the lime industrial company. that’s also a digital company.


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The lime industrial company. That’s also a digital company.



the lime industrial company. that’s also a digital company.

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