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Safety on TOP! Limestone loading optimization with skip WINCH on top of Synthesis kiln

#NEVERSTOPINNOVATING is QualiCal Corporate vision focused on the R&D activities driving the progress in the lime field.

While every engineering component plays an important role in the smooth functioning of a Lime kiln, there are a few key components that are so vital, that the non functioning of these key components would make the lime kiln inoperable, leading to long downtimes and ultimate waste of resources. One of these critical key components, is the skip winch system.

The skip winch system is the lifeline feeder mechanism for the entire lime kiln, feeding the lime kiln, sized lime stone, at pre determined intervals. Depending upon the capacity of the plant and the hourly requirement of lime, the working load, size and speeds of the skip winch system are determined.

Skip winch located on the top of the Synthesis kiln

In order to increase safety and reduce maintenance costs, QualiCal state of the art limestone feeding system forseen the skip winch planced on the top of the kiln within a dedicated covered and self-protecting structure.

This solution guarantees:

  • Winch position out of personnel walkways
  • No exposed steel rope from Pulley to Skip Winch

No Pulley requirement

  • Less Rotating device, Less maintenance
  • Less equipment to be built & maintained

Lighter Steelwork :

  • Halved loads on structures
  • No pulley supporting structure

Civil Work Saving

  • no need for the Skip Winch House

Compact & easier layout

  • Reduction of overall space requirement

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the lime industrial company. that’s also a digital company.

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The lime industrial company. That’s also a digital company.

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