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Saving in electric energy consumption by Waste Gas Filter working in postive pressure without tail fan

#NEVERSTOPINNOVATING is QualiCal Corporate vision focused on the R&D activities driving the progress in the lime field.

There is a need to identify the necessary steps to tackle decarbonisation of the lime sector. However, the efforts of the industry are considered not to be enough. QualiCal is focused on develop technical and tecnolgical solution to reach nergy efficiency targets, fuel switching and waste heat recovery.

QualiCal Waste Gas Filter — working in postive pressure without tail fan — allows to reach the lower electrical energy consuption.

Filter design

QualiCal developed original design for its Synthesis waste gase filter with round shape of the filter casing, like the shape of the kiln shafts.

This design allows the filter operates in positive pressure, as the kiln itself, without affecting the mechanical steel structure that is sollecitated by the “pusling” effect of the batch kiln busining cycles.

“The best technical solution to avoid fatigue failures, which are frequently experienced in rectangular filters, since the internal pressure varies from positive values to zero during every cycle.”

To avoid the direct impact of the coarse particles on the filter bags and thereby extend the bag lifespan, the waste gases enter a pre-chamber in the lower part of the filter which include a cyclonic effect to reduce the dust load carried to the filter bags.

Energy savings

Avoiding a dedicated tail fan with its motor, represent an huge saving in electric energy consumption, decreasing OPEX cost in terms of maintenance, spare and repair.

estimation of energy saving by QualiCal wast gas filter without tail fan

The standard QualiCal design does not specify a filter exhaust fan, but the latter can be installed should the need arises.

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the lime industrial company. that’s also a digital company.

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The lime industrial company. That’s also a digital company.

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