Supporting Lime Production experience in the “New Normal” based on COVID-19 lesson

Sep 9, 2020 · 3 min read

In these months QualiCal approached the pandemic emergency also thanks and through the power of a digital mindset grown inside our Company since the Industrial InternetMOSAICO” development program launched at the International Lime Association Forum — Vancouver 2014.

Carlo Cella QualiCal CEO

“We invested since several years in powerful digital tools, as well into a Corporate digital mindset that, today, is assuring the highest effectiveness of our daily workload and project management also in such critical situation.”

QualiCal Remote working workforce and attitude, our MOSAICO Digital operators shared in several world-wide lime assets, and our Performance Remote Reliability Centre are supporting Customers without any interruption, keeping industrial plants at the peak of the performance in any circumstance.

Performance and Reliability Center

The future of work

In the actual global scenario QualiCal is convinced that it is no more enough to be a provider only of top level technical and technological solutions. Market is already driven from Companies that, all in all, will be able to be a developer of EFFICIENT LIME PLANTS, a source of EFFECTIVE LIME PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE, and provider of the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION by the merge of humans & digital workforces: the FUTURE of WORK

Within the LIME domain QualiCal support X4LIME brand, driving individualized, precise and effective lime industry outcomes.​

  • X4LIME as an independent digital business, has flexibility to pursue future growth opportunities, reacting quickly to changes in the lime industry and investing in digital innovation.

The New Normal

“We should expect that the Covid-19 crisis will change our businesses and society in important ways, Companies should consider what this crisis changes and what they’ve learned so they can reflect them in their plans.”

At the light of the lesson QualiCal is learning due to pandemic emergency, to build a new-normal is a responsibility of each of us.

We have a dream

“To establish a new, different and improved relationship with Customers, where the exchange of information — within a firm framework of privacy and confidentiality, could be the background to duly & easily support the LIME PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE and the plant operation & optimization with the effectiveness of AI and data analytics.” — Carlo Cella QualiCal and X4LIME CEO


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