The Role of AI in Mobile Testing

Debjani Goswami
May 28, 2020 · 3 min read

With the help of DevOps and test automation, mobile app testing is creating a path for itself as it is evolving along with advancing technologies.

AI for Mobile Testing

The primary role of AI in software testing is to minimize testing time and reduce the use of codes. Codeless testing saves you the cumbersome process of creating scripts and saves a considerable amount of time. That is the reason as to why AI makes mobile testing effortless.

Makes codeless testing easy

When you implement AI in testing, you can easily rely on codeless testing to provide you with faster results. The best thing about codeless testing is that it does not need much effort and is accurate.

The importance of leveraging AI for mobile testing can be explained by understanding that AI can create tests that make the analysis easier. When you plan the tests, the process of testing is executed faster and in a satisfactory manner. A primary task is the determination of the right tests with test automation. Not every mobile software would require you to execute the same tests or the same number of tests. Therefore, once you know which test cases will have the most impact, you can easily carry them out and perform the analysis.

To have a code monitoring system means to make sure that you are conducting mobile testing with well-defined scripts. Code monitoring is a time-consuming process, and the testers need special skills for it. Therefore, people prefer AI-based testing as it helps them have proper codeless monitoring processes, which saves time and provides the best results.

You can perform only the necessary tests and leave out the redundant ones when you enable AI in your testing. This is how several organizations depend on quality testing using the power of AI. AI gives them enough time to test patiently and provide the results quickly, helping to meet SLAs.

Boosts Confidence in Quality Engineers

When the QA engineers are confident about the testing, the test processes will automatically see improvement. With AI-enabled testing, the QA professionals do not need to run scripts after scripts to get one correct result. Therefore, they can easily enhance the quality of the tests by brainstorming and applying them. This means the tests become much more accurate and better performed when driven by AI. With AI, it also becomes easier to edit the tests whenever required and gain the desired outcome.

The main feature of these software testing processes is speed. If you have a proper framework, you’re good to go with the launch of the apps. AI-based testing, since open-source, helps in providing accurate results.

Identifies risks and enhances the user experience

With the innovation that AI brings to software testing, AI has become an integral part of mobile application testing. Apart from ensuring that the applications are free of glitches, AI also analyzes the apps and makes it secure against potential flaws. AI also assesses the possible areas to enhance your customer experience and thereby improves your brand reputation. Since you can easily detect the inherent issues in your application with the power of AI, it assures an excellent quality end-product at the time of deployment.

Helps test beyond manual testing

Artificial intelligence optimizes the entire application testing procedure through effective and smart test modules. AI can easily imitate human behavior by utilizing assimilation machines. This helps software testing professionals go beyond the limits of manual testing processes to embrace precision testing of applications through the innovation brought about by AI.

Therefore, by enabling AI in testing, you never compromise on the quality, get more than the desired speed, and still achieve precise results.

You cannot overlook the role of AI in the development and testing of mobile apps today. With software development lifecycles becoming more complex with every passing day, most QA testers prefer to shift to AI to enhance test processes and improve overall quality.


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