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Letter sent on Jun 8, 2017

After 40 years, I think we’ve got it right…

At NZOQ, the training we offer is driven primarily by the needs of our members and includes both employers and employees. It has to be fit for purpose, so is regularly reviewed for relevance to industry by expert practitioners and through attendee feedback/evaluations.

Most importantly, the training we offer will always transition to either a higher industry qualification or to a professional certification as none of the training we offer stands alone.

In saying that, I urge you to take a moment to think about the training you’ve already done — especially with us. Do you have ‘bits and pieces’ of training listed in your professional development log or a half-completed qualification put on hold because it didn’t meet the needs of your workplace at the time? If so, give me a call (+64 6 351 4407) or send me an email and I’ll endeavour to help you connect the dots. You never know what we may find, and really, what have you got to lose?!

We value all opportunities to promote learning and growth so it goes without saying; we extend this offer to non-members too.

Contact me at National Office (+64 6 351 4407) to chat about which training options are right for you and your organisation, or visit our website for our complete roster and 2017 training dates.

Tess Stewart
Education Services Administrator, NZOQ