Medium Day is in 38 hours (or less by the time you read this)

Here are a few of the sessions I’m planning on attending — and one I’m hosting (!)

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4 min readAug 10


This weekend, Medium turns 11 (yes, we’re officially tweens now). To celebrate, we’re hosting a live event you’ve probably received around 1,000 emails about by now (okay, maybe 4 emails): Medium Day. Most of the time, we’re all quietly typing on our laptops in relative silence… but on Saturday, many of us will see each other face-to-face and talk to each other with our mouths. Weird! Fun! I think it’ll be fun.

I just scrolled through the list of 250 sessions, and many of them made me smile. I mean, how can you not want to attend “Roz Warren, Writing Coach, Tells You Why Your Title Sucks, Why Your Introduction Is Too Damn Long, and Why You Need to Shape and Structure Your Work”? I want to go to that.

Plus: I’m hosting a panel of authors who’ve turned their Medium stories into books: Julio Vincent Gambuto (author of Please Unsubscribe, Thanks!), Kaki Okumura (author of Wa: The Art of Balance), and Benjamin Sledge (author of Where Cowards Go to Die) will share advice and wisdom for anyone on Medium looking to become book authors themselves. It should be a lively discussion.

2pm Eastern on Saturday!

Here’s my rough schedule-in-progress, with lots of concurrent sessions I’ll probably hop between as the day goes on…

Medium Day, August 12

Build your own schedule at See you on the internet.