Introducing Quality Time: Curated African Startup Conversations

It all started from a simple request I asked on Radar — where can I find great curated African content. The genesis is that there’s too much information everywhere that it becomes impossible to know what’s worth your time. So knowing what/where to: read, eat, visit, watch, listen to, etc becomes a nightmare — especially African curated content.

From my initial request, I found a delightful gem: Eat.Drink.Lagos — which promises to eat through the struggle so you don’t have to. In other words, they’re curating the best places to wine & dine in Lagos. On the other hand, I didn’t get many responses. To make matters more interesting, it wasn’t too long before someone rightly asked me: maybe I should contribute as well. Of course, as you do when you’re put in a tight spot, I foolishly agreed.

And then to the next logical question — what can I curate? I mean, what do I feel passionate about enough to do on some regular basis, yet captivating enough for others to enjoy? And then I realise that the best thing to curate are people! But, there’s zero chance that I would be doing some silly list — a variation of ‘Top <random> under <random> or ‘People to watch’ type of thing.

Instead, I’m going to be curating conversations.

So here’s the deal — fascinating conversations with interesting people that you want to read. Some stories will be short. Some will be long. They would definitely not be ‘praise & worship’ sessions. Neither ‘gotcha’ nor clickbaity questions — yet I wouldn’t shy away from asking questions, you want answers for. What you really want to know.

So here’s introducing Quality Time: Curated African Startup Conversations

Stay tuned — you will be reading soon.


How do you aim to do this? Well, I talk a lot. But I think I’m a better listener. So I will be asking questions that you want answers for. You will need to stick around to see if I deliver on this promise.

Who will you be speaking to? Anyone that catches my fancy really. Some might be more popular than others. What they will all have in common is that they’re exceptional folks. You need to hear their story.

What sort of frequency? To be truthful, I have no idea. In between, running PrognoStore and being a wonderful (if I say so myself!) family man — time seems to be pretty limited. However, the plan is to publish at least once a month. But who knows what the future holds.

I think I’m awesome, you should speak to me! No worries, reach out to me and that could happen.