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Natasha Watkins
Oct 19, 2018 · 2 min read

A new platform for collaboration in economic research

QuantEcon is excited to launch QuantEcon Notes, a site for sharing and viewing Jupyter notebooks related to computational economics.

QuantEcon Notes allows users to submit their own notebooks to share with a collaborative community. Notebooks can be submitted in any language available as a Jupyter notebook kernel.

Notebooks are ranked by up votes and down votes. In other words, anyone can submit their work and QuantEcon Notes implements peer review and assessment by the market. Notebooks that reproduce results from published papers using open code and data are welcome, as are original observations and comments.

To post comments and upload notebooks, users sign up using their Google, GitHub, or Twitter account. Each user has a profile page that displays a complete list of their submitted notebooks and can be edited to provide personal information and links to other online profiles, such as GitHub accounts.

Upcoming features

We are currently working on adding a few new features:

  1. Allow submitted notebooks to be linked to multiple users (ie. co-authors) of the platform
  2. Trending algorithm for displaying the most relevant posts on the front page
  3. Improvements in search so users can find notebooks of interest

Notes as part of a larger open source project

The platform that QuantEcon Notes is built on will soon be released as an open source project called Bookshelf. While QuantEcon Notes is focused on the economics community, Bookshelf will provide a platform that others can use in different fields and interest areas. We are currently working on theme support to easily customize the look and feel of the site.

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QuantEcon Blog

Open source code for economic modeling

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