Qtum Token Holders Can Now Trade and Invest in Global Markets with Unmatched Conditions

Apr 11, 2019 · 2 min read
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Quantfury app users and Qtum token holders can now use Qtum to trade and invest in stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities and ETFs free of any commissions, maker and taker fees, or any other hidden pitfalls.

Since its inception, Qtum has been committed to breaking down the barriers that impede blockchain adoption around the world and dedicated to expanding financial access and opportunity for its community.

Using the Quantfury app, the Qtum token holders can further expand their investment portfolios by accessing over 700 financial assets at their real-time, back-to-back bid and ask prices from key global exchanges, such as NASDAQ, NYSE, CME, and Bitfinex, and experience a completely frictionless retail investment experience free of any sort of fees.

“We are excited to add support for Qtum token and welcome the Qtum community into Quantfury. We are committed to bringing unmatched trading conditions to cryptocurrency holders worldwide”, said Gregory Kim, CEO of Quantfury.

Miguel Palencia, Chief Information Officer of the Qtum Foundation commented: “We’re thrilled to offer Qtum holders more frictionless ways to use their tokens. From investments to payments, our users have access to a number of powerful and cutting-edge financial tools.”

Visit quantfury.com to learn more.

Read our Whitepaper.

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