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The Importance of Designing in Digital Marketing

Learn More About the Power of Communication and Design in Digital Marketing

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We are at a time where communication is most commonly done online. Online communication has expanded outside of texting and calling. Businesses stay in contact and attract their audiences online. Communication also plays a major part in digital marketing.

But it is not as simple as putting a few images and words together to describe the products or services. There are so many businesses and if every one of them used the bare minimum to promote their products and services online, it would not be a very competitive driven and successful business market we know it as, today. With that said, digital marketing is essentially a must and mastering the design aspect in your marketing plan is extremely important.

Since, the main purpose of digital marketing is to increase attention from the audience, the way to do it is to use graphic design to gain that interest from the audience. Graphic design is the magic in marketing. It draws in the public eye, captures their attention and makes an impact.

Appeal to the Audience

The world is a very visual-centered place. Just like fashion companies often use beautiful models to promote their clothing and magazine covers are either shot with celebrities or models, it shows that visuals sell. This is the same case for digital marketing.

Since the role of digital marketing is to gain interest from the audience, businesses often try to use digital marketing in a way to accommodate what their target audience wants to see.

For example, the target audience of toys are children. Toy companies focus a lot on child-friendliness in their digital marketing because their target audience are children and parents of those children who are contributing to their profits. Since the audience are children, naturally they would use cartoons, bright colors and happiness to gain a wider audience. Unlike the toy manufacturing business, many designer clothing companies’ target audience are adults since young children are most likely more attracted towards toys than expensive clothing. Since the target audience is different, the companies use different visuals to attract that audience.


It is no secret that good looks attract attention. It is not just people but also everyday objects such as food, houses, and clothing. This is why one of the main goals of digital marketing is to gain attention. When a business has great graphic design in their marketing, they are generally generating more traffic to their company and potentially gaining more customers.

But no one has the same standard for what they think are visually pleasing, so it is important for businesses to take into consideration what their target audience is drawn to get their attention.


It is important for any business to have their own identity because that is what sets them apart from other businesses that provide similar products or services. The most common way businesses have used to give a sense of identity is through their logos. Logos are used to allow people to see it and know which company they symbolize.

Although logos do play a major part in digital marketing for businesses, designing in other aspects such as company aesthetics (usually corresponding with the logo) are also really important. Because businesses have their own designs that sets them apart, it creates a sense of identity that is unique to themselves. Because uniqueness is rare, it would draw a wider audience since there are no companies with the same identities.

Tells More Than Words

Although all businesses have an origin country, most of them expand their influence overseas by opening stores, shipping their products internationally, and hiring people from different countries for advice to appeal to consumers of vastly different cultures and interests.

Company expansion overseas means language barriers. But it is important for businesses to communicate with their audience to get their products and services out to the masses. Since it is close to impossible to use words to accommodate the thousands of languages in the world, using design could get the message out just as well if not even better.

Like the saying, “pictures speak more than words,” and it is the same case for designing. Although languages may be different around the world, the meanings behind designs are often not. When a person sees a company with elegant fonts, websites with a visible color scheme (usually with the color black), high quality images and a long history, it usually means that the company is trying to portray elegance and classicism. Designing plays a big part in differentiating a company and showing people who may not speak the same language what the business entails or is trying to portray.

There is so much that goes into digital marketing and the element of graphic design is a key piece to the big picture. If you are searching for a digital marketing company that’ll elevate your brand, incorporate unique design and take it to the next level, Quantifi Media is the company to contact. Check out more of our blogs and read what we are all about!



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