Wearables — Hype or Hope? Top 10 Trends in Wearables

1. Fashion

Until now, wearables have appealed primarily to fitness and tech users, partially due to their aesthetics. This is changing. With Samsung Gear S2, Fossil, and even Tag Heuer, the latest batch of smartwatches have real style, but with smart functionality.

2. Invisible Wearable’s

Wearable technology is becoming increasingly invisible, removing the pain points of putting on devices every morning, and simultaneously making them more appealing to the non-techie.

3. Smarter Wearable’s

Wearable devices are becoming smarter, and the intelligence of apps is improving, as well.

4. More Sensors

Wearables are no longer just about measuring steps with gyroscopes. The latest devices have continuous video, heart rate, and stress levels.

5. Augmented Reality

Already used by the US Airforce for over thirty years, augmented reality is going mainstream. Pokémon GO is just the beginning. Augmented reality will revolutionise how we interact with just about everything, from navigation to personalised advertisements.

6. Sports

Wearables were big at the One Zero conference on sports and technology, and how leveraging data from wearables are part of the strategy for many top ranking teams — from Rio 2016 to basketball. Mounir Zok from TeamUSA talked about some of the ways that the innovation department played a pivotal role in getting 121 medals for the country.

7. Digital Health

Wearables are becoming increasingly prevalent in personal health care. It’s still early, but this area is set to explode over the coming years, as data streams monitoring 247 will be able to track patients conditions or even pre-emptively diagnose conditions.

8. Big Data and Wearables

Billions of devices produce very big data streams. Massive data brings massive opportunity for innovation.

9. Non-Wearables

There will always be friction with users of wearable technology. Wearing sensors, charging devices, and other types of devices are causing irritation. Passive non-wearable sensors are a way around those issues.

10. Wearable Apps & Open Platforms

We’re beginning to see the move from the one-device-one-function model of wearables to open platform devices running apps.


What’s clear is that big developments are going on in wearable technology. Real world problems are being solved, in areas from elite sports (improving training and recovery) to healthcare (assisting in the monitoring and treatment of various conditions).

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Quantified Self and Life Logging Dublin

Blog for all meetups for the Dublin branch of the Quantified Self and Life Logging movements