Your Life Uploaded — Interview with
Jim Gemmell

Quantified Self Dublin’s first podcast is with author and key influencer in the lifelogging movement — Jim Gemmell.

More about Jim

Jim Gemmell is one of the founders of the lifelogging movement. He speaks about how working with Gordon Bell in the early nineties they realised that with unlimited storage and devices getting cheaper/smaller — it would only be a matter of time before people were capturing everything about their lives.

Jim has co-authored the seminal book in the area: ‘Your Life Uploaded’, previously released as ‘Total Recall: How the E-Memory Revolution Will Change Everything’.

Jim is currently the CTO of Trōv, a company that provides on-demand insurance for every object in your life.

During the podcast, Jim dives deep into topics such as what the world looks like when everything is recorded, he explores the idea of thing-logging, where every object can maintain an independent lifelog, and he discusses the history of the lifelogging project at Microsoft Research, which was a forerunner of the lifelogging and QS movement

You can listen to the podcast here:




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Rami Albatal

Rami Albatal


Ph.D., Big Data Scientist, Computer Vision expert & Lifelogger.