Sharing Self-Collected Data

Andrei Pop at the 2015 Quantified Self Public Health Symposium

“If I am able to take my data out of this place and share it with something that I find useful I can actually unlock more value from the underlying source.”

Andrei Pop is the co-founder of Human API, whose purpose is to open the world of self-collected data to app developers, so they can build new experiences tied to the health and fitness questions people may have about themselves. Many of these apps built on top of Human API are for health care providers, but there are many other possible uses. In this talk, Andrei argues for “data liquidity” as the key to unlocking value for all stakeholders.


Andrei Pop

Andrei Pop is the Founder and CEO of Human API, a universal health data platform which enables developers to easily build the next generation of healthcare applications. Andrei’s focus on health data began while developing real-time movement feedback systems through wearable sensor technology. You can find him on Twitter at @andreimpop.

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