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Nate Heintzman at the 2015 Quantified Self Public Health Symposium

“We don’t regard our lead users as hackers or adversaries. Diabetes is our common enemy.”

Nate Heintzman is a member of the research and development team at Dexcom, makers of the leading continuous glucose monitor for people with diabetes. The Nightscout project of DIY liberation of CGM data specifically targets the Dexcom CGM. This could be perceived as a threat. But in this talk, Nate explains why Dexcom has decided to treat its lead users as collaborators, even when their ingenuity, advocacy and inspiring impatience leads them to step beyond regulatory and business frontiers.


Nate Heintzman

Nate Heintzman joined Dexcom in 2014 to lead the development of resources for engaging and enabling lead users in the diabetes innovation community. He previously directed the Diabetes Informatics and Analytics Lab at UCSD. You can find him on Twitter: @diabetesdata

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