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Creating a Hello World API using Swagger UI and Python

Getting started with your first Swagger UI document

Steps to Create a Swagger UI Document

$ pip install Flask$ pip install flasgger
from flask import Flask, requestfrom flasgger import Swagger, LazyString, LazyJSONEncoderfrom flasgger import swag_from
app = Flask(__name__)
app.json_encoder = LazyJSONEncoder
swagger_template = dict(info = {    'title': LazyString(lambda: 'My first Swagger UI document'),    'version': LazyString(lambda: '0.1'),    'description': LazyString(lambda: 'This document depicts a      sample Swagger UI document and implements Hello World functionality after executing GET.'),    },    host = LazyString(lambda: request.host))swagger_config = {    "headers": [],    "specs": [        {            "endpoint": 'hello_world',            "route": '/hello_world.json',            "rule_filter": lambda rule: True,            "model_filter": lambda tag: True,        }    ],    "static_url_path": "/flasgger_static",    "swagger_ui": True,    "specs_route": "/apidocs/"}
swagger = Swagger(app, template=swagger_template,                               config=swagger_config)
@swag_from("hello_world.yml", methods=['GET'])@app.route("/")def hello_world():    return "Hello World!!!"
openapi: 3.0.0tags:  - name: Hello Worldget:

description: None
responses: '200': description: Successful response '400': description: Bad Request '500': description: Internal Server Error
if __name__ == '__main__':    app.run()
Document obtained after running in browser
Result obtained after selecting GET response from the document
Result obtained after selecting “Try it out” button
Result after executing GET response by selecting “Execute” option



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