Quantstamp is Joining Y Combinator

I’m excited to share that Y Combinator has accepted Quantstamp into its Winter 2018 class! When Steven and I first started Quantstamp, we wanted to make a huge positive difference in the Ethereum platform by securing it. To do that, we wanted to build a successful company with a strong reputation. And so we applied to Y Combinator, the eminent startup accelerator in the world.

During the selection process, we met really amazing people like Aaron Harris, a Y Combinator partner, and Avichal Garg, a former Director of Product at Facebook. Working with them convinced us that Y Combinator could help us meet other innovators and gain the skills needed to grow Quantstamp. As a result, we decided to accept Y Combinator’s offer when they invited us to join their Winter 2018 class.

When we asked Aaron why Y Combinator accepted our company, he said, “Quantstamp is solving a critical issue with smart contracts on the blockchain. Smart contracts are growing at an exponential rate and could become a billion dollar market, yet are vulnerable to hacks that prevent widespread adoption. At Y Combinator, we support big world-changing ideas, and are proud to support Quantstamp.”

We look forward to learning from our experience at Y Combinator, both from the Partners and our fellow founders. We are looking forward to joining a vast network of YC alums that can open many doors, and working to build our company into a world-class startup.

Thank you all for joining us on our journey.


Quantstamp + Y Combinator