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Looking Through Binoculars At The Tsunami About To Hit In “The Poseidon Adventure” (1972) Capsize Scene

Prepare Yourself! The Security Token Tsunami Is About To Hit

1. The Smartest People In Finance Are Quitting Wall Street & Devoting Their Life To Crypto

2. People Want Liquidity

UBS, The Value of Illiquidity, 2017, H/T Conor Witt

3. The Security Token Rails Are Being Laid

4. We’re Entering The Golden Age of Securities Innovation

5. Security Token Regulations Have Been In Place For 85 Years

6. I Want My MTV — Fractional Ownership Will Be Huge

7. Enhanced Transparency Equals Enhanced Value

8. The Security Token Meetup — It’s All About The Communities



Quantum Economics is a publication for all those who wish to gain a greater understanding of why markets move, what influences them, and how you can get ahead of it.

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Lou Kerner

Believe Crypto is the biggest thing to happen in the history of mankind. Focused on community (founded the CryptoOracle Collective & CryptoMondays)