Writers Beware: There is one Big Problem with Using Chat GPT for Blogs

Alexandre Lores
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3 min readMar 25, 2023


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Writers and content creators, myself included, have found artificial intelligence (AI) to be a powerful tool when used properly to save time.

Before using AI, the most I had ever written was three articles in one day. Since I have been able to get up to six done in a single day.

If you are a writer or in any technical field, you too should learn AI too and become an expert in prompt engineering.

An amateur using AI is boring, but an expert using AI is a powerhouse that can get a lot more work done.

The Problem

Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash

However, there is the one big problem writers run into if they are using an AI program such as Chat GPT for blogging.

Artificial intelligence is programmed to detect artificial intelligence, and at least for now that’s a bad thing if you are creating content with AI.

If you copy and paste your blog content from a program like ChatGPT directly into a blog post, this will get flagged by platforms like Google or Facebook and this will hurt your SEO and any chances you have of organic reach on those platforms.

Can you fix this problem and still use AI as a writing tool?

Yes, but there are two AI tools that you need if you are a writer using AI:

1. AI Content Detector

The first tool you need is an AI content detector. One that I have used and find helpful is available at writer.com.

Paste your content into here and it will tell you if it appears to be human or AI generated content.

Here you can see a prompt that I gave ChatGPT:



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