Your Internal Revolution is Knocking. Answer the Door

You might have heard this before, but I feel it’s worth mentioning again.

There are many thought that cause tremendous emotion in us. Emotion is feelings, but that’s not all it is.

It is also physiological. Our state of emotion has powerful and profound effects on our health and physical state.

We are getting stuck individually and collectively in patterns of thought and emotion that keep us from healing, because it keeps us from feeling.

Your emotional state is meant to be a system to guide you in your path in life.

When you are on your path you feel good on all levels. When you’re veering off you don’t feel so good and that’s a sign that you need to give care and attention to something inside of you that you might be ignoring.

We are such intricately designed complex creatures that finding what we are ignoring could be like finding a needle in a hay stack if we don’t attempt it with compassion and love.

Meditation is a simple, and exquisite way to be with yourself, and begin to get to know yourself from deep inside the inner workings of your intricate nature.

When you practice your meditation regularly, the unfolding of your thoughts begin to take care of themselves.

The questions you begin to ask become bigger than you. And when the answers arrive they can be in the form of a quiet whisper that awakens you to your true potential.

The potential for joy, love, health and abundance.

All that potential. Waiting for you in the form of a regular meditation practice.

Your internal revolution is knocking. Go answer the door.

Thank you for reading.

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