Influence: ⚖️The Scales Must Balance. A look into the life of Jordan Peterson.

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To whom much is given much is required. With a brief look into the life of Jordan Peterson. By Tanya J.king
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The Greater the Impact, the greater the cost.

Maybe that’s why most people don’t make it to the top or retain the position. When I examined the life of Jordan Peterson, I made a discovery that shouldn’t be surprising.

Those who rise to great heights of impact and influence often encounter an element of lows and blows. It’s a pattern in the lives of many who are called to great impact.

But first, let me tell you about a summer I had filled with highs and lows. I went back to the homeland one summer and spent the time reconnecting with my heritage and culture. Before leaving, I had a meeting with my small group from church.

The leader gathered everyone around me to bless my summer and pray for me. At that moment, my group leader said:

“You’re going to experience high highs this summer but also some lows.”

I didn’t give it much thought. Honestly, I had zero anticipation or expectation either way. I didn’t discount it, but I didn’t have any more context so I left for my adventure.

Indeed that summer was filled with the most incredible highs. It was a summer of possibilities, adventure, identity, and incredible new connections, friendships and so much more. I was stretched in so many areas, I was trying new things that were opening up parts of me that I didn’t know were there, or maybe I’d forgotten. That time was very special and memorable.

“The extent of the man’s impact and influence appeared to be proportionate to the hardships he encountered.”

But there were also lows. They were not that low to cause me despair, but low enough for me to appreciate the high moments. It felt like some kind of necessary transaction, a price that needed to be paid.

I returned for other summers that were great. But nothing like that one. Perhaps it was the ‘lows” of those challenges that allowed me to experience the height that I did.

I spent the next summer elsewhere, and it was such a contrast to my previous summer. What was spoken of before my departure ended up being the truth. But why?

This is the pattern I’ve noticed for many people. A high followed by a low, or a low followed by a high.

As an example, this can be displayed in the life of Jordan Peterson. In 2016 he started to make headlines globally. Suddenly, this Canadian professor and clinical psychologist rises to fame in his early 50s to such influence and impact.

In 2018, he embarks on a worldwide lecture tour, skyrocketing to tremendous fame. Within a year, his wife gets cancer and he also falls incredibly ill. He and his family experience a tremendous amount of suffering shortly after his great rise to impact. He then becomes absent from the limelight for the next year battling these challenges.

How could this be deemed fair? He was just at the beginning of his new found success. Could his wife’s cancer be related to his sudden influence? Was it a form of retaliation by association? The opposition I have observed doesn’t always target the people of influence directly, but rather someone or something that is significant to them.

I like how the NKJV says it:

“For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required”. Luke 12:48

This man has been given much. His reach and net is wide. He crosses so many demographics, ages, gender, culture, religion, etc. From the average person to great worldly leaders. It’s astounding that he can relate to ordinary people and equally share the stage with some of the most renowned influencers in the world.

Jordan’s redemption story is that a year or so later in 2020, post-recovery, he appeared with his daughter on his youtube channel with a positive update, and his health heading upward in the right direction. His wife also beat cancer miraculously.

In the last few years, he’s returned on a lecturing tour, written another successful book, and landed a distribution deal with the Dailywire. His life has been increasingly brighter since his comeback.

In Jordan’s case, he faced a significant downturn right after his period of immense impact. This is consistent with my observations, where people either encounter many hardships before achieving great impact (like Joseph in the Bible) or afterward, as in Jordan’s situation. Occasionally, a combination of both can occur.

One thing I have come to know is that if someone perseveres through this, it can result in the latter years surpassing the former.

It’s also part of God’s justice system. The magnitude of a great injustice signifies the extent to which God desires to provide abundant restitution. However, this is not always automatic but rather often requires pursuit.

I believe there is a way of wisdom that if surrendered to God, he can prepare one for hardship and minimize the impact. But I’m not convinced it can all be avoided. Many people are eager to reach their destinations quickly, I would advise against rushing.

It’s God’s mercy to restrain that.

Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.” NKJV

God’s best plan is that whatever the impact and influence is, it would be sustained once attained.

Most people who survive the low blows and rise to the top again are grateful for their lives and grateful to God. There is an understanding that in one’s darkest moments, no one but God can save them. That dependence on him is necessary.

The reality of this phenomenon of peaks and valleys shouldn’t instill fear in anyone. It’s a reminder that many things aren’t guaranteed and that not everything can be controlled. If you’ve surrendered your life to God, then there is greater recompense and justice that is owed to you if you don’t quit.

Remember, the scales must balance. At the very least.

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