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Quantum Computing links related to QC talk in Singapore in Nov 2022

Understand more in less than 30 minutes via Paolo’s primer (e-book or paperback). Purchase via Amazon.com here or search “Paolo Cuomo quantum” on your version of Amazon

If you prefer reading via Medium go to this page for the full primer. You may need to sign up for membership here.

If needed you can sign up to Medium here.

Thanks to the following people who specifically supported the preparation for this talk as well as the Quantum London community more broadly.

Recent “What is AQ and why it will impact your world” given by a team from Sandbox including Jack Hidary (author of Quantum Computing: An applied approach). Thanks to Nathan Schor for the link.

This video from Sept 2020 from Z/Yen covering a technical look at portfolios

The Right Balance? Using A Quantum Annealing Computer For Your Portfolio — Jeff Cohen From Chicago Quantum



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