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Quantum London activities— index

This page tracks our webinars, podcasts, Stammtisches and other activities and events.

Where applicable there are links to Medium write-ups as well as to external videos and podcast pages.

The full set of articles on Medium are available here:


Webinar 4–9/9/2020 — an overview of Quantum Computing and where it is heading with Paul Gurthie and Marco Paini (speaking with Em Colonnella and Paolo Cuomo) — Medium Link ; YouTube link

Webinar 3–5/8/2020 — Aitor Zafra of SpeQtral talking about nano-satellites and quantum networks. Speaking with Em Colonnella and Craig Polley. — YouTube link

Webinar 2–11/6/2020 — Quantum secure communications — with John Prisco (CEO — Quantum Xchange). YouTube link

Webinar 1–6/6/2020 — Quantum Computing reference framework with Christian Mastrodonato, Digital Catapult. YouTube link.

Direct link to most recent webinar video


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In-person events

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How will Quantum Computing impact our world? Join the Quantum London community online to discuss and learn. If you’d like to publish Medium articles here please mail QLonMedium@artplusfunction.co.uk

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The unnerving implications of quantum computing

The World of Tech Today

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