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Quantum London newsletter #2

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What a fantastic couple of quantum weeks. A great session with IBM’s Andy Stanford-Clark ten days ago and a good Quantum Stammtisch discussion this week. There was a mismatch between there two: we left the session with Andy imagining we all knew someone who is using IBM’s free quantum computing access. The Stammtisch discussion suggested otherwise. If there is anyone out there who is teaching themselves to program IBM’s fleet of 29 quantum computers please do get in touch.

As we look ahead we have a great slot planned in with Cambridge Quantum Computing on 25 Nov. No other events are booked in yet but that’s simply because we’re not 100% solid on the dates. They’ll be finalised soon and we’ll let you know.

Lastly, a request: if you have a moment this weekend please take 15 seconds to fill in our poll asking about the timeline for your company to be thinking about quantum computing. As you can see on the link, interesting results so far.

Our upcoming events

Webinar with Cambridge Quantum Computing
A discussion with two quantum PhDs — Matthias Rosenkranz and Simon McAdams
Wednesday 25 November, 6pm UK time
More information and sign-up links here

Please also hold the date on 12 December as we’re hoping for a webinar with an expert from Canada. In additional we’re planning in a slot with a European QKD company, and in January a session with two patent attorneys covering quantum computing hardware and algos

Recent events

We really appreciated Andy Stanford-Clark’s excellent overview earlier this month when he spoke on “Quantum Computing: A guide for the Perplexed”. Policies meant we were not able to record the session but please find key points detailed here.

We were able to record Quantum Stammtisch #6 and the write up and link are available here.

News and insight

Please do keep sharing articles and information. As well as the LinkedIn page we save relevant ones here on our Quantum London Insights page, and put industry specific points in our Industry Impact Directory. Recent updates include the areas of Automotive and Pharma.

Other events that may interest you

We’re very happy to share other companies’ and organisations’ events so please send us details for us to post.

We’ll be sharing details of the next set of UCL-Q webinars shortly (though they are quite technical in nature)

Stay in touch

For our community to really work we’d love your engagement. Whether it’s asking questions or answering them please do engage via the webinars, our world-famous Quantum Stammtisch discussions, or through the various social media channels.

Quantum London: https://twitter.com/quantum_london #QuantumLondon

Paolo Cuomo: https://twitter.com/pgc_at_work

Em Colonnella: https://twitter.com/emanuello_

Medium: Quantum Londonhttps://medium.com/quantum-london

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/639209280100399/



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