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Top 5 Ways Quantum Computing Will Impact Markets

A paper from Nomura

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2 min readMay 15, 2021

Nomura, the global financial services group, just released a short paper in partnership with Reuters Plus consider how quantum computing will imapct financial markets

At only three pages long, half of which are quotes, there is nothing new here but it nicely lays out a formal view from a leading financial service firm.

The page lists the five ways that Quantum Computing will impact markets as:

  1. High Frequency Trading
  2. Fraud Detection
  3. Development of complex Quantum algorithms
  4. Portfolio Optimisation
  5. Security and Risk Assessment

While the paper makes two important points about the potential for globally optimal portfolios and quantum-accelerated Monte Carlo simulations, it unfortunately doesn’t explain how QC will help on the other points.

Despite the lack of true insight or clear next steps, the fact that another large, reputable company is making statements about the importance of quantum computing is what really matters. The more that executives are hearing about QC-driven change, the more likely they are to engage on the topic.

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Quantum Impact

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The Nomura report can be downloaded here.



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