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We Created a New Company That Makes Buying Our Game’s Cryptocurrency Easier— How Onboard Affects Project Quantum

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Mainstream gamers don’t want 19 confusing steps to buy a cryptocurrency. Now they can do it in roughly three clicks.

This post will define the relationship between Onboard and Quantum Works and what it means for our Project Quantum community.

TL;DR — Onboard means good things for the PQers

Let’s start by setting the scene.

What is Project Quantum?

Project Quantum is a AAA looter-shooter, extraction-royale style game that revolves around interacting and fighting in a futuristic dystopia setting.

Any loot earned or lost is worth real-world money through our cryptocurrency, QBIT.

The problem we ran into…

We’ve got tons planned and in motion to help bring our game to mainstream gamers. Gamers have been using in-game currencies for years. RP, V-bucks, CoD Points, the list goes on.

The technical intricacies of crypto are the hard part. That’s what is foreign to most mainstream gamers.

When we have a 19 step process of interacting with DEXs, opening a wallet, setting slippage, etc., etc., etc. It’s just a straight-up headache.

Buying QBIT could not be this confusing for mass adoption…

So we fixed it

🥁 *drumroll 🎉 *party cannon

(In comes Onboard)

What is Onboard?

Onboard is a service that will allow users to purchase their cryptocurrencies with just a credit card and a few clicks.

Imagine you could buy ETH, BNB, BTC, or QBIT on Amazon or Ebay.

That’s the idea.

Onboard will simplify all of the behind-the-scenes technical processes of buying & exchanging currency for both users and companies who have no experience in crypto.

This is obviously not just for Project Quantum. It has huge potential as a company to simplify all crypto payment processing for the mainstream market.

So… with two different companies, what does this mean for the projects’ holders?

I’m glad you asked, corny author.

Let’s start by covering…

How are they related?

Onboard and Project Quantum share four core team members.

  • Fraser Gordon — CEO
  • Caitlin Walker — Marketing Director
  • Colin Smith — CFO
  • Juanjo Chust — Senior Blockchain Developer

Different Development Teams

Although Onboard and Project Quantum share some core members, both projects have completely different teams working on them.

The Game World development team works only for Quantum Works and has the sole focus of creating the game.

Our Senior Blockchain Developer, Juanjo runs a team of 13 developers who are fully focused on developing Onboard.

Quantum Works Gets a Kickback

Quantum Works owns 10% shares of Onboard.

The success of Onboard as a platform contributes to the success of Project Quantum. While they may be two entirely different companies, Onboard will bring a new stream of wealth to the QW studio and to its QBIT holders.

QBIT Rewards

The tokenomics for our governance token have yet to be released (coming in the following weeks)…

But there will be QBIT rewards for those holding the Onboard governance token when someone buys another coin listed on Onboard.

Boost in QBIT Notoriety and Accessibility

This platform gives players a new way to buy QBIT.

You can also think of it as putting QBIT right at eye level at the grocery store. It gets prime real estate within the platform. So it will see a boost in notoriety.

On top of that, there will also be a 4-week period prior to the release of the governance token that Onboard will be used exclusively for QBIT. (This will contribute to the boost)

An Easy Way To Exchange QBIT for another Coin

QBIT holders will also be able to use Onboard as an off-ramp platform. Exchanging QBIT for any other currency on the platform will be easier than ever.

What’s next?

For you QBIT holders, all you reeeaally have to do now is sit back and enjoy the symbiotic relationship between your QBIT and this new platform.

But if you’d like to get more information on either project, the best place to dive deeper right now is the following resources:

We’ll continue to knock down barriers like this over at Quantum Works. Thanks for taking this ride with us. Can’t thank you enough.




Quantum Works is revolutionising the gaming space with it’s first title, Project Quantum, combining AAA first person shooting gameplay and a crypto based free trade economy.

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